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Community Rankings: Who is the Angels' Third Best Prospect?

Mike Trout is the consensus number one guy, and Peter Bourjos bested Hank Conger by forty-five votes to claim the number two spot.

So will the number three guy be Hank Conger, or will the folks who voted for Bourjos prefer a pitcher? Here are some write-ups that have appeared on other threads touting the pitching:

Sam Miller on Garrett Richards:

...That stuff with that groundball rate and somehow only 2.7 BB per nine makes my toes tingle.

Halowood on Trevor Reckling:

...20 years old in AAA and we wanna nitpick?... T-Recks is 21 now, and he’s still dominating AA. He’s got three years to develop some command and put up respectable numbers in AAA before I even begin getting concerned.

So who's it going to be?