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Trevor Bell Toils For L, Bell Tolls for Scot Shields

Final Score in Detroit: Angels: 4 Tigers: 9

Trevor Bell pitched well but an Angels offense with Maicer Izturis batting cleanup is one of those instances where, after a lifetime of being told to respect the game, you scratch your head by holding your hand still and shaking NO NO NO NO as fast as the vertebrae in your neck and your sense of reality can stand. Now recite that first sentence in a crescendoing Vincent Price voice, softly at first and building until you are shouting the last five words louder and louder and ending it with a THRILLER laugh and you will be close answering "For Whom the Bell Tolls"... it tolls for WE...

Scot Shields walked the bases loaded with 1 out in the 8th in a semi-close game. The final member of the 2002 Angels team still wearing a Halo is tarnishing his legacy and generally stinking.

Missus Halofan screaming about the Shields meltdown: "DAM SHIELDS! Shields is like a slot machine at 4 in the morning... you walk up thinking that it paid off before so maybe it will do it again and it doesn't. There's no payout with Shields."

Meanwhile... Angels Centerfielder Peter Bourjos is awesome, running in the outfield like a baseball player and not a sack of cement falling off the tailgate of your truck.

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