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Will Ferrell: Angels Fan Drops Halos History Nod in New Film

Just got back from seeing the #1 movie in America, the new Will Ferrell comedy The Other Guys and there is a nod to Angels fans from the Irvine-born and SoCal raised Ferrell who appeared on the All Star Pregame show in the dugout at Angels Stadium wearing a vintage Bobby Grich patch on his sportscoat.

You cannot doubt his Angels love - it might be a coincidence that the plot revolves an officer who is demoted for shooting Derek Jeter (whose awesome cameo is a catharsis) ... but when Ferrell's captain in the police forced is paged in one scene, the PA summons Michael Keaton's character: Paging Mister Mauch, Mister Gene Mauch. I was just waiting for the next line: Ya shoulda left Witt in...

And the IMDB page of the flick confirms what I heard.