Carl Crawford in 2011? Or ...

...Mike Trout? I read this on a Fangraphs chat from Bryan Smith:

"I could see Harper getting one day in the MLB this season -- didn't the Nats do that with Ryan Zimmerman? But to stay, probably Trout. The Angels have dropped hints that they might be ready to go to war with Trout next year, crazy as it seems."

Hard to even fathom this, as Trout will be all of 19 and has yet to even play at AA. But then again, Ken Griffey Jr. played his first season at age 19. I love Mike Trout, but could he be that good a prospect? It will be interesting to see what the Angels decide to do if Crawford signs elsewhere. I could see him being given a fair shot in spring training with Bobby Abreu and Juan Rivera to earn the chance to play. If Trout somehow does get to start in the big leagues as a teenager, we might as well make the Cooperstown reservations for 2035.

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