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Hideki Matsui HR Beats Ichiro and Mariners

Final Score in Seattle: Angels 4, Mariners 2

The Designated Hitter for the Angels, Hideki Matsui hit another homerun in Seattle and reminded Ichiro Suzuki and America that it is Matsui who is the most powerful Japanese hitter in the American Major Leagues. They call him Godzilla for a reason.

Alberto Callaspo also hit a homerun. Ichiro had a hit against Jordan Walden, throwing 100 miles per hour fastballs to the Mariners and Ichiro ran out a slow roller in the tall grass, they called it a base hit, perhaps to be awarded to the Safeco Field grounds keeper.

Trevor Bell pitched a great game, striking out 6 in 6 IP of 2-Run ball. Walden only allowed that hit to Ichiro in the 7th as he and Kevin Jepsen struck out a pair of Mariners each. Bell got the Win and Fernando Rodney got the Save.



トレバーベルは、2ランボール6 IPで6三振素晴らしいゲームを投げた。ウェルデンを許しただけでは、7回にイチローにヒット彼とケビンジェプセンはマリナーズ、それぞれのペアを三振に。ベルは勝つんとフェルナンドロドニー保存得た。


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