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Angels Score More Runs Than The Other Team

Fraudney really shouldn't be doing all his regressing to the mean in public, because it's really embarrassing for the rest of us.
Fraudney really shouldn't be doing all his regressing to the mean in public, because it's really embarrassing for the rest of us.

Final Score in Anaheim: Oh, who cares, is this game over yet?

I'll have to check on it, but I think there's an official rule saying if you score more runs than your opponent, you win the game. It doesn't seem like anyone won this game. In any case, tonight was just the 68th time the 2010 Angels have accomplished the feat, and the first time they've done it in back-to-back games since August 11.

You know what else has happened in back-to-back games? An extra-extra-extra inning game following a blown save by Fernando Rodney. Actually, that now makes it three games in a row he's either blown either a lead or a tie. So maybe we've found our winner for tonight: Fangraphs.

With the Indians' and now the Mariners' toothless offenses in town, the Angels have now played 30 innings in their last two games. Jered Weaver started this one and pitched great for 8 innings, the only Seattle run coming on a throwing error by Torii Hunter. The Angels scored three times when he was still in the game, with, get this, Jeff Mathis batting in two of the runs (The two RBIs equaled the number of throwing errors he committed). Don't worry about Weaver, I'm sure he's used to this whole "not winning" thing by now.

We can all thank Bobby Abreu for finally pulling the plug on the 3-3 tie in the bottom of the 14th. He had already walked three times in the game, so I imagine he went up to the plate thinking: "Screw the walks, my teammates are never going to string enough hits together to score me from first. I'm swinging for the fences." So he just launched the first pitch he saw from some guy named Brian Sweeney over the left-center-field wall. I'd call that a mercy-killing.

Oh, and if you're waiting to see Mark Trumbo or Hank Conger on the field, you're just going to have to keep waiting. Jeff Mathis has a headlock on a playoff berth.


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