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Hank Conger Helps Weave Angels Win

Final Score in Cleveland: Angels 7, Indians 0

Rookie Hank Conger got the first start of his major league career behind the plate and caught a combined shutout featuring seven innings of Jered Weaver one-hit ball. King Conger laced his first major league hit in the first inning plating two runners for his first major league RBIs.

The first inning was a 4-run bat-around highlighted not only by Conger's debut trip to the basepath but also Jeanmar Gomez not only walking the almost unwalkable #7 hitter Howie Kendrick, but doing so with the bases loaded. The pressure of a 2-out, bases loaded situation prior to ever even catching a pitch at the major league level did not seem to bother Conger who, batting in the 8 slot from the left side, swung inside out and laced a ball over the shortstop's head.

In the second inning, the Angels added three more runs, highlighted by designated Hideki Matsui hitting a triple. That might be the rarest play in baseball.

Meanwhile Weaver threw an amazing game hundred pitches and could have gone more, walking none as he struck out seven to take the American League lead in Ks at 218, 4 ahead of Queen Felix Hernandez. Matt Palmer pitched two shutout innings with his AAA teammate Conger catching. Angels rookie Mark Trumbo took over in the bottom of the 8th inning at 1B, no word on when he will get a start.


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