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Is Rex Hudler Still Missed?

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In addition to not winning this season, the Angels were without popular television analyst Rex Hudler. In analyzing the site metrics for my Angels blog the two most popular search terms embody the past and future of the team: day in and day out "Rex Hudler" is neck and neck with "Mike Trout". Someone in corporate America has to eventually take notice of Rex's market share.

One can imagine Rex would be best served with syndicated radio show to maintain his profile until a good analyst gig opens up (perhaps he sends a thank you card to Rob Dibble this season). How do you feel about Rex with a Hud-less season in the books? Is it time to move on or would a return of his enthusiasm and insight complement a Victor Rojas telecast? Would you specifically make time to listen to a Rex Hudler radio show? Could Rex carry a program that stretches beyond Angels baseball and incorporates all sorts of sports talk?