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Halolinks for Friday

Well folks, WiHalofan is moving this weekend... no word on whether it is to the barn or the outhouse, but I am substituting with HALOLINKS for today, so let's get it on...

Angels pitching prospect Garrett Richards goes tonight in San Jose against the Single-A Giants in Game 2 of the Quakes/Giants California League Final. San Jose took Game 1 of this best of 5 contest on Thursday with a 10-0 shellacking. Saturday's GAME 3 is at the Epicenter here in SoCal and will feature DOLLAR hot dogs. Gates open at 6, it might be your last chance to see Mike Trout play in California until, well knock on wood (from a tree not Brandon), he is an Angel.

There is a detailed analysis of the Angels FIVE Catchers (count 'em, FIVE) at the LONG SUFFERING FANS blog.

There is a great commentary on the NY Jets Female Reporter Locker Room story at the IN PLAY NO OUTS blog.

Great reminder that Arte as owner should give Angels fans faith at the MONKEY WITH A HALO blog.

Angels prospect Jean Segura gets a shout out at the BASEBALL ANALYSTS site when looking at prospects who have climbed the depth chart for AL teams.

1963-64 Angel Paul Foytack wrote a nice, handwritten note to the ANGELS IN ORDER blog about his days in baseball.

At the TRUE GRICH blog, a detailed lamentation on the dwindling season.

The Angels renewed their association with the Arkansas Travellers thru 2012 to be their AA team, but the TRAVS AND SUCH blog ranted before this announcement about the shortcomings afforded Travs fans by Angels management.

So that was my attempt at Halolinks. Hope WiHalofan gets everything hooked up in time for Monday morning's version!