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Angels Ride Mark Gubicza Clichés To Unbelievable Victory

Final Score in Oakland: Angels 7, A's 4

Ervin Santana was dominant, establishing the fastball, changing eye levels, and keeping hitters off balance for 6 innings of phenomenal baseball. The Angels' offense put up a crooked number in the 3rd inning behind a pair of two-run homers from Bobby Abreu and Mike Napoli, and that's your Coors Light Cold, Hard, Blaaaaaast. Ervin tried to do a little too much, letting the A's cut the lead to 4-3 in the 4th inning, but the offense came back and responded with a run in the 5th. With two strikes, Torii Hunter shortened up his swing and looked for a pitch to drive, coming through in the clutch with an RBI knock.

After the offense picked him up, Ervin looked a lot more comfortable on the mound, attacking the zone and throwing up some zeros to come away with the W. The bullpen was confident, keeping a quick tempo and refusing to let the A's back in the game with those two out walks that always come back to haunt you. Meanwhile, the Angels' added some insurance with two more runs in the 7th inning. Fernando Rodney brought his dominant, phenomenal, unbelievable stuff out of the pen in the 9th, but he was a little too fine with his pitches and let his fielders fall asleep on him. Fernando was still able to bear down and got the all-important third out. Outstanding!


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