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Angels Fans Have True Grit Happy New Year

May all your catches be souvenirs in the new year. Does that even make sense?
May all your catches be souvenirs in the new year. Does that even make sense?

It feels good to ring in a new year... Let's make 2011 the best souvenir you could ever hope to catch and keep...


That is Matt Welch doing his damndest to emulate the true, pure grit of Angels great Darin Erstad.

The franchise overlords are gearing up to make 2011 a big celebration of seasons past as we await word of whether the present will shape up to be anything like the previous glorious decade we just enjoyed or if it will be ... well the less spoken about 2010, 2003, 1999 and other seasons of misery, the better...

Funny thing... the Angels fan's dilemma in recalling the past seems always entwined with whether to celebrate or curse the greatest seasons like 1986, 2008, 1995 and 1982 as reveling in the highs demands reliving the lows ... Donnie Moore, Erick Aybar's missed bunt, Mark Langston's gutlessness and Luis Sanchez not shaking off Bob Boone.

Ah crap, there I go saying "the less said the better" and then saying it... oh well, we all got the salve of that glorious Rory Markas mantra: Erstad says he's got it... Erstad makes the catch... and hopefully there will be another line added soon to that to make it a verse with many choruses to come.

Happy New Year to one and all. Welcome to where Angels fans celebrate the love and lore of their team. This is Halos Heaven saying HELLO to 2011.