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Gammons Thinks Angels Should Post-Up, Booster Club Lunch. Halolinks

In order to rebound, the Angels should sign a big man to play under the basket.
In order to rebound, the Angels should sign a big man to play under the basket.

Peter Gammons: Angels look to rebound after tough 2010 campaign -
There is no question that Mike Scioscia hoped the Angels would sign first Crawford, then Beltre. But most important for Moreno, the manager who changed this franchise is preparing for Spring Training maintaining a positive, optimistic stance. "We're going to be a team built around pitching (because that's all we've got)," said Scioscia, who before last year last had a sub-.500 season in 2003. "I think we can patch together a decent offense (out of these slap-hitting infielders), especially with Kendry back. But we also have to get back to doing what we are supposed to do best -- play defense and be aggressive on the basepaths. We got away from what we're supposed to do last year (when we decided to go with a "batter's box offense". Remember that? Yeah, I thought that one up myself)."

I thought I'd finish some of Scioscia's comments for him. What bothers me most about the above quotes is the use of the word "decent" again when describing the Angels. What's especially disheartening is that Scoiscia thinks he's going to have to "patch together" an offense that MIGHT be decent. I've always thought you patched things together when you can't afford to fix them. "Hold on kids, I think the plug in the spare tire just let loose".

Also, not to beat the dead Mathis horse again, but in his post, Gammons goes through the Angels lineup position-by-position...except catcher. I was interested in his thoughts on the Angels' catching situation. He does mention Conger, but only in a "there's help in the minors" sort of way.

Angels boosters hold fundraiser - The Orange County Register
The Angels Booster Club will hold a fundraiser Tuesday at Ricardo’s Don Jose Mexican Cafe in Orange. Twenty percent of all dinner bills served between 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. will be donated to the booster club. Ricardo’s is located at 1230 Katella Ave.

In case you're looking for something to do this afternoon after listening to "Lunch Time Halo Talk"


Team Reports -
With their most dangerous hitter unavailable for the final 111 games of the season, the Angels scored 202 runs fewer in 2010 (681) than they had during the 2009 season. That and the drop-off in on-base percentage, from third in the majors at .350 in 2009 to 27th at .311, was the biggest in the American League last season. Despite his inability to add any hitters thus far this offseason, general manager Tony Reagins asserts aggressively that "we will be a better club offensively." "The names and faces may be similar but our expectation is that the performance will be better," Reagins said. "I'm looking at our club and I'm very optimistic for success in 2011 with the guys we have."

I often wish people in Reagins position would actually say what they think, or at least what I think they think...or what they should think. I think. Anyway, here's what he should have said, "We will be a better club offensively. That's not based on anything tangible, just mainly because we can't be any worse. The names and faces may be similar, but our expectation is that the performance will be better, and everyone knows expectation is the cornerstone to any championship season. In fact, we're raising or expectations by 23%. I'm looking at our club and I'm very optimistic for success in 2011 with the guys we have. With the increased expectations and our very optimistic outlook, who needs to spend money for on-field improvements?"

Andruw Jones to Yankees could be next late-winter bargain move -
The latest reports are that the Yankees are closing in on a deal with outfielder Andruw Jones. That's a 33-year-old former 51-homer guy getting a job as an extra outfielder, a right-handed complement to lefty regulars Curtis Granderson and Brett Gardner.

I didn't include this link because of the Yankees, or Andruw Jones, or Curtis Granderson (he's available?!?). I included it because this post links to this post: Yankees, Andruw Jones Nearing Deal - That MLBTR post links to this post: Latest on Yankees' search for a bat - Yardbarker - Ken Rosenthal. Now all we need is for Rosenthal to link to the USAToday post in a "the Jones-to-Yankees rumor has been confirmed" sort of way, and the circle of life is complete! Yay internet!

The Greatest Letter Ever Printed On NFL Team Letterhead - Deadspin
In 1974, a Clevelander wrote the Browns complaining of the menace posed by the then-fad of throwing paper airplanes, and implicitly threatened litigation. The Browns' response is just about the most awesome thing ever committed to paper.

Not Angels related. Actually, not even baseball related, but still epically awesome none-the-less.

January 18 - BR Bullpen
Events, births and deaths that occurred on January 18.
1922 - The Chicago Cubs obtain outfielder Jigger Statz and pitcher Vic Aldridge from the Los Angeles Angels (PCL) for eight players and cash consideration.
1950 - Ace pitcher Bob Feller tells the Cleveland Indians that he should receive a cut in pay after a subpar 15-14 season in 1949. The Indians agree to the suggestion, cutting the future Hall of Famer's pay by $20,000. Feller will receive a salary of $45,000 this year. In Kansas, 2 year-old Don Fehr throws up on his mother's shoes.
2002 - Randomly selected from the crowd, Tampa Bay Devil Rays outfielder Randy Winn sinks a half court-shot at a NBA Los Angeles Clippers' game to win a Mitsubishi Lancer. Winn played some college hoops at Santa Clara University. It will be the only shot made by the Clippers in the second half.
Happy b-day:
1946 - Billy Grabarkewitz, infielder; All-Star