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Will NFL Lockout Bring Jake Locker to Anaheim?

Fact: The Angels drafted Jake Locker with the assumption that a gamble on his rights to MLB might pay off if he realized he could excel and make more money (as well as having a physically safer career) in MLB than in the NFL.

Fact: Despite a standout college career, he is not expected to go in the first round of the 2011 draft, this taking potential millions of career earnings as a pro football player off the table immediately.

Fact: The NFL is looking at a lockout and a lengthy labor dispute. Superbowl #45 may be the last NFL game until 2013. Such a phenomenon could push Locker to head to the minor leagues for the Angels, who still retain his rights.

Fact: Scouty McStas (aka Keith Law) raved about Locker's baseball ability on a chat recently and you know how Law doesn't exactly go out of his way to rave about anything associated with the Angels.

Beyond mere speculation there is a chance that Eddie Bane's craftiest gamble of Arte Moreno's money may manifest in our low minor leagues as early as this summer. Stay tuned!