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More Moreno for Fans, Mo Money for Mo Vaughn. Halolinks

Should Michael Young be the Angels new third baseman?
Should Michael Young be the Angels new third baseman?

Just a couple quick links in case you missed them:

Moreno answers questions - The Orange County Register
After the staged TV show that was the Vernon Wells introductory press conference this afternoon, Angels owner Arte Moreno spent a good deal of time answering questions from a group of reporters.

It's always a good thing when the owner is willing to answer questions. One of the interesting comments Moreno said regarded the Rangers' interest in Napoli and how the Rangers had tried to work out a deal involving Micheal Young. The Angels definitely have a need for Young. Which brings us to this...

Michael Young no longer fits with Texas Rangers and should be traded - FOX Sports on MSN
The Angels could be another possibility for Young — their miserable offseason continued Tuesday when Napoli landed with their chief AL West rival. It’s doubtful, though, that the Rangers would want to trade Young within the division. The bottom line: Young no longer fits with the Rangers. He knows it. The Rangers know it. A trade would benefit everyone involved.

This could be a very interesting situation, would either team be willing to trade within their division? I don't see why not, if a deal improves your club why not do it? Sure, you're also improving a direct rival, but the focus should be on improving your team's chances to win, not worrying about other teams. Such as the following...


How Napoli could've helped Angels bullpen - Stats & Info Blog - ESPN
Rather than committing multiple years to multiple relievers, the Angels could have used a commodity (Napoli) to acquire a high-strikeout pitcher for the back end of the bullpen (Francisco). While Downs is solid, predicting reliever performance two or three years down the line is difficult. The Angels would have been on the hook for just one year with Francisco instead of multiple years for Downs and Takahashi, not to mention at a lower yearly rate. To make matters worse, the Angels surrendered a second-round pick in this year’s MLB Draft to the Blue Jays when they signed Downs.

So yeah, if the Angels were willing to deal within their division, and Micheal Young didn't interest them, Napoli certainly had value that could have been used to acquire a useful player. Of course, this is assuming that the Blue Jays wouldn't have traded Vernon Wells had Napoli not been in the deal (which I don't think made much of a difference to them).

I think I'm done fretting about this whole Napoli-Wells-Money-WTF trade thing. I watched the Wells introduction press conference yesterday, and as James at True Grich said, I'm ready for spring training and all that that brings.

Ruling: Money manager cheated Mo Vaughn -
An Ohio arbitrator has awarded former major-league baseball player Mo Vaughn $3.5 million in a dispute with his former money manager.

Yay Mo.