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Angels Roll Out Vernon Wells & 50th Anniversary Merchandise

Went to the stadium today to select my season seats. Everywhere I looked I saw Bo Derek (the number 10) and Jack Lord (the number 50). The Angels are marketing their 50th anniversary at every turn and have more Vernon Wells merchandise available than they ever have had for any newly signed player.


The $830 nosebleed special was quite popular but I can already tell you that it is going to be a weird mixture of rowdy tattooed OC beerdrinkers and Inland Empire TJ-Maxx families. The seats themselves are terrible (think: nosebleed plus foul pole) and will only foment jumbotron culture to new heights. Compared to select-a-seat appointments in the past the inventory was overflowing. Numerous sections have been turned into "buy 2 get 2 free" which means that the team is basically holding a half-price sale on season seats. They are also offering $8 parking for season seat holders when all of the parking is purchased ahead of time. Parking will be $10 at the gate this year.


The first thing you see when you enter gift shop are your new Vernon Wells jerseys...


Look up and you will see them too...


But there is lots of other merchandise available if you like the number 50...


Wondering how you and the missus will look in all that merch?


Do you need any reminders of the trade that brought Vernon Wells here to celebrate the Angels 50th anniversary? No discounts yet on Juan Rivera or Mike Napoli merchandise...


And since we are on the subject of other teams, ESPN will be happy to know that the Angels team store has Derek Jeter and CC Sabathia jerseys. Is that Alber Pujols jersey a sign of things to come?


If you want to celebrate the Angels past but do not like the number 50 for some reason, here are a few numerical combinations that might tickle your nostalgia bone ... Scot Shields and Oakland resident Hideki Matsui.


And finally, the Angels have their new FRONT OFFICE dolls ready. No word on whether or not these are a limited edition, but you can take one home and pretend to make good trades, just like our own front office of Anaheim...