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Is No Adrian Beltre Good for Brandon Wood?

Well... we have come to a fork in the road and we have not taken it. The Angels have decided to go back to the future.
Unless they re-sign Troy Glaus, the team has three options at Thrd Base staring it straight in the face:

Alberto Callaspo
PRO: League Average production at 3B with okay defense
CON: That's all folks

Maicer Izturis
PRO: Great defense and he is a Future NFL Batting Champion**
**if the MLB season were only 16 games long like the NFL and Izturis was healthy for all the games, he would be a batting title contender.
CON: The Mice Man is made out of glass. Since you are angry about the Angels doing nothing this offseason, go take some glasses off of your kitchen shelf. Preferably when your mom or wife is at the store or is out getting her hair done at Sancho's Beauty Parlor. Throw some baseballs at these glasses. Notice how you can no longer drink out of Su Copa Izturivaso after you have thrown a baseball directly at it.

Brandon Wood
PRO: Remember on May 25, 1977 when a farm boy from Tattooine used his crop duster skills to fly an X-Wing fighter and successfully destroyed the Evil Empire's death star? See, there is an historic precedent for what we are up against. If Brandon Wood can use the force when he is at the plate and not worry about where he is going or what he is gonna do, if his mound is on "right now" and he works on his Jedi skills, maybe even does batting practice blindfolded, maybe just maybe a low cost lobotomy clinic in Yorba Linda clinic can deliver to our cerebellum's the reality of this fantasy.
CON: Wood wouldn't make it out of the cantina alive.