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Vegas Summer Meetup Poll

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Since we cannot dream about the Angels having a good summer, let's dream a little about ALL OF US having a good summer... (story continues after poll)

Just getting a headcount of who would be up for a Gathering of the Halos Heaven Tribe in July in Las Vegas. Look... gasoline might be $8 a gallon by then, so this is not a written in stone operation, but we have done it before and we can do it again. Some of us are Vegas veterans and you will be in good company and with plush sports books that feature drink service and theater seating, what better way to enjoy baseball surrounded by people you argue with on the internet, eh?

The options now would be to either meet midweek and watch the ALL STAR GAME at a sports book Tuesday, July 12 or meet that following weekend (Friday July 15-17) and watch the Angels road games in Oakland, including their Saturday doubleheader against the A's. Midweek rates are almost half price over weekend rates (Golden Nugget Downtown is $42 a night Sun-Thurs in July, $89 Friday, $99 Saturday), but not everyone can get off work midweek and have jobs that allow you to spend a little more. If you start saving $10 a week now you will have enough by July to pay for your hotel for at least two nights. We prefer to stay downtown as it is friendlier, more "Old School Vegas" and much cheaper than the tourist trap strip hotels.

Understand this is an adult outing with drinking, swearing and the open-mouthed staring at passing silicon all acceptable behavior. Some of us are not, however, blessed with unlimited endurance and you might have to slow down as Rev hobbles through the crosswalk (hopefully weighed down by casino winnings) or asks you to repeat something you said when there is loud music playing in the background.