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Division Series PREGAME Picks!

Arizona at Milwaukee 11:07 AM TBS Kennedy vs Gallardo

St. Louis at Philadelphia 1:07 PM TBS Lohse vs Halladay

Tampa Bay at Texas 4:07 PM TBS Shields vs Holland

Detroit at NY Yankees 5:37 PM TBS Fister vs Nova

Ex-Angels Arizona: Joe Saunders. I am genetically incapable of rooting against Hokie Joe.

Ex-Angels Milwaukee: Francisco Rodriguez... FRANKIE. K-ROD. The most controversial Venezuelan on earth once Hugo Chavez finally just goes and dies next week.

Ex-Angels St. Louis: nobody, although Yadier Molina is kinda like an honorary Angel, right?

Ex-Angels Philadelphia: nobody, Kyle Kendrick is no relation to Howie.

Ex-Angels Tampa Bay: Casey Kotchman, Joel Peralta, Sean Rodriguez, (minor leaguer Alexander Torres was traded to the Rays as part of the Scott Kazmir deal).

Ex-Angels Rangers: Mike Napoli, Darren O'Day, Darren Oliver.

Ex-Angels Detroit: nobody because they are all whiners.

Ex-Angels Yankees: Bartolo Colon, Mark Teixiera

Pregame Picks:

  • Total number of runs scored by all teams, combined in all games
  • Total number of hits by the winning teams, combined, in all four games
  • The defensive position of any player charged with an error in any game. If No Error is committed in any of the four games, choose "none".
  • Learn How to Play PREGAME PICKS. Make your Pick...