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Donnie Moore A Quarter Century Later...

October Twelfth. Today is the 25th anniversary of the Donnie Moore Game. The Angels were one strike away from going to the World Series and lost the game.

It is also the 6th Anniversary of the Doug Eddings Game. Leading the ALCS 1 game to 0, the Angels were robbed of a close victory in Game 2 by a flat out deeked umpire.

2002 took away a lot of the pain of 1986 and the 2009 passing of a star prospect put losing a playoff game into sharper, less painful perspective... but it still hurts. We finally got a little of it back in the 2009 ALDS against the Chowds, but it all still hurts. Winning is sweeter having known the pain but damn it all if the suffering is just a bit too much at times. Let's get back to winning soon, if only to ease, or at least justify, our pain.