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ALCS Game 5... NLCS Game 4 Pregames

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Well... here we are.

The Rangers are just one game away from having their ticket to the World Series ready...
While the Cards have a chance to be one away from victory and give them a chance to wrap up the series at home.

What can we expect today?

[ALCS Game 5] Texas Rangers ( C.J. Wilson ) @ Detroit Tigers ( Justin Verlander ) - 1:19PM on FOX ... TEX leads 3-1
[NLCS Game 4] Milwaukee Brewers (Randy Wolf) @ St. Louis Cardinals (Kyle Lohse) - 5:05PM on TBS ... STL leads 2-1

Today's pregames picks are....

Rank each team's Starting Pitcher's pitches thrown from Most to Least (1pt for each correctly ranked team)