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Cardinals Defeat Rangers 3-2 in Game 1 of World Series

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The St. Louis Cardinals get past the Rangers 3-2 in Game 1!


Pitching was excellent on both sides. The offenses were limited to 4 and 5 hits (STL and TEX respectively) by the Starting Pitcher. And only 3 more hits after that by the relief pitchers...

Berkman put the Cards on the board in the 4th after a HBP and a double... but our old buddy Mike Napoli was able to tie it right back up with a 2-run HR (yes, cue the Angel sighs here).

LaRussa makes the move in the Bottom of the 6th (Man on 1st and 3rd) to pull Carpenter for a Pinch Hitter... move pays off as Allen Craig comes off the bench for a CLUTCH RBI ... proving to be the game deciding run.

Washington attempts to mimic the same move in the Top of the 7th (Man on 1st and 2nd) but... things don't turn out so well.

Motte grabs a World Series Save... Carpenter For the Win... and C.J. Wilson for the Loss.

And... believe it or not, it gives the Cardinals the series lead 1-0. Hurrah.