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LunchTime HaloTalk: Angel Aviator

Just Say NO to Omar Minaya... Listen to the archive of Tuesday's LunchTime HaloTalk - our very own Internet Radio Show devoted to following the Angels.

Today's show featured a surprise call from an anonymous major league scout who posts here as ANGEL AVIATOR. He had a plethora of things to say in an almost forty-minute phone call - he discussed Omar, Oppenheimer, Kim Ng, Grady Fuson, former Angels assistant GM Gary Sutherland, the great Eddie Bane, Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, the Arizona Fall League and looked back at the Bill Stoneman and Tony Reagins legacies. Wow!

Clean an hour of your schedule out and TUNE IN AT THIS LINK to a baseball insider treasure trove of MUST-LISTEN archive of news and informed opinion!