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Jerry DiPoto as Angels GM: Challenges Abound

Rumor from every corner of the Halosphere is that Jerry DiPoto is slated to be named the General Manager of the Angels after the conclusion of the World Series. The hiring has garnered much praise across the baseball spectrum. His charge is most certainly to return the Angel to the postseason. Here are some of the challenges that await him...

Mike Scioscia: The manager will most certainly not be calling the shots, but will he limited to just offering his opinion and what transpires if something happens about which he is not happy or was not asked for his input? Is the man who makes his players team players actually a team player himself?

Jeff Mathis: It is impossible to imagine any team in baseball trading for him so the underperforming package of potential must be released.

Vernon Wells: A masterstroke that may be beyond human ability would be to trade Wells, get anything that approximates contribution from the return of the trade and/or any salary relief.

Mike Trout: How this future superstar's trajectory is handled could influence the height of his performance ceiling. If he is ready for prime-time, is at the expense of Peter Bourjos or one of the aging vets?

Mark Trumbo: Some stat lines would indicate his stellar rookie campaign might be a mirage and to sell high in a trade is the best course of action, and yet, debunking projections has been this power hitter's calling card since being drafted, as is the consideration of playing on a fractured foot for seven weeks to end the season.

Kendrys Morales: If he is going to be healthy this year, can a two-year deal be constructed in order to benefit the Angels commitment? This is K-Mo's walk year and wouldn't you know it, his agent is Scott Boras.

David Eckstein: Will the gritty heart of the 2002 World Champions be coaxed out of retirement to become the team's leadoff hitter? Just kidding, gotta make sure you are paying attention.

Jordan Walden: Was it bad luck that delivered all those blown saves or inexperience from which the team will benefit looking forward? DiPoto is a former reliever and should know if selling high on what other teams will see as an affordable closer is the way to go.

Bobby Abreu: Would a National League team like a $9 million walk-taking singles hitter with great speed and no power?

Tyler Chatwood: Is there anyone else on this earth that can be this team's #5?

Howie Kendrick: Would you sign the keystone of this infield to a five year deal in his free agent walk year?

Dennis Kuhl: Will his budget to buy paintings for his favorite Yankees be cut?

And this is just the first day on the job...