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New Angels GM Jerry Dipoto Making Headlines

How many roads must a man walk down before he has read every article on our new General Manager? About this many...

Arte Moreno discusses Jerry DiPoto hiring
Joe McDonnell got the most awesome Arte Moreno quote out of the Angels owner: Look, if the people feel they want to read the bullshit, then let them read the bullshit. That's the way I feel about it.

Jerry Dipoto Wikipedia Page - Jerry was born May 24, 1968 - that day in history is widely regarded as the lone Beatles rehearsal session for The White Album. The band got together at George's pad and went through the songs they had been working on individually over the previous few months. The following week, they entered Abbey Road studios to begin recording.

TIME Magazine Cover: Robert F. Kennedy - May 24, 1968 - What the world looked like on the day our General Manager was born.

Adversity has prepared Jerry Dipoto for Challenges - Our new General Manager is a cancer survivor. He had thyroid cancer at age 25 and recovered. Consider the wisdom that may come with perspective.

DiPoto: Angels Need Only Tweaks - This will not be a rebuilding.

Highlights From the Press Conference - SB Nation Los Angeles
Our own Eric Stephen points out the positives!

Dipoto promises to bring ‘balance’ to Angels - The OC Register trying to take that "zen" angle.

Arizona media says: DiPoto's Time Has Come

LA Times reports: DiPoto has Complete Power

RYANFEA broke the news to Halos Heaven and a great FanShot discussion ensued. There are numerous FanShots here about the hiring with some scintillating back and forth... Enjoy!