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Angels Gold Glove Finalists: Aybar, Bourjos, Haren, Hunter

First, bleat out your cynical whines that Gold Glove voting doesn't matter. You done, okay, well you can shove your head back up where the sun doesn't shine and let the rest of us get excited about four Angels possibly winning some hardware.

Here is the NEWS ITEM to get excited about: Rawlings has decided to make a bigger, Oscar-style deal out of its annual Gold Glove awards and is announcing the finalists for each position in each league in a primetime special on the Mark Saxon Link-Ho Network.

Tomorrow night (Tuesday, November 1) at 7 PM Pacific, the usual bunch of Bristol Connecticut Baseball Droolers will hand out the awards. Four Angels are among the nominees:

Shortstop: Erick Aybar. Probably the best chance of winning seeing as Derek Deepthroat destroyed ESNYB's ratings chances by not being nominated.

Centerfield: Peter Bourjos is completely deserving but you just know Jacobee Dingleberry of the Chowdy-ChowdChowdzox will take home the biased prize.

Pitcher: Dan Haren is up against perennial GGer Mark Boring (just now a free agent form the OzzieSox).

Right Field: Torii Hunter. Mister popularity actually could squeak this one out seeing as Jeter could not in good conscience be nominated here, leaving Torii up against a Royal and an Oriole.

Once again, save it if you want to point out that the GGs once awarded a 1B trophy to a DH, yeah yeah, we get it, they are not perfect, but the Gold Gloves are right more often than you successfully pick up a hottie at the bar and go all the way, so the GG is a better measure of quantifying awsomeness than your cologne and your dumb lines ever will be.