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NLDS Wednesday Pregame Picks

Well, after yesterday's quadruple headerfest... we're treated to 2 games in the NLDS.

Both series are at 2-1... how many teams will join make it to the Championship Series today?

> Phillies (Roy Oswalt) @ Cardinals (Edwin Jackson) - 3PM on TBS ... Phillies lead 2-1

> Brewers (Randy Wolf) @ Diamondbacks (Joe Saunders) - 6.30PM on TBS ... Brewers lead 2-1

Who's hoping for some game 5s to come out of these NLDS's...? Eh?

- Number of teams advancing to the Championship Series today...
- Team LOB of Phillies + Team LOB of Cardinals
- Total DPs of MIL / ARI game
- Runs scored in 1st inning of both games.