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ALDS Game 5: DET v NYY Pregame Picks

Well... we've only got 1 game today... but it should be a good one: Detroit Tigers (Doug Fister) @ New York Yankees (Ivan Nova) ...4:30PM on TBS ... Winner of this game faces the Texas Rangers in the ALCS. Pregame Picks? Only one game... hmm... let's try something new...

Take a look at these propositions.

- A Starting Pitcher will win the game.
- There will be a save
- One team will be limited to 3 or less runs
- One team will score 8 or more runs.
- There will be at least 3 Stolen Bases total
- There will be at least 2 Errors total
- There will be at least 1 Triple total
- Each team will have at least 1 Home Run
- There will be 0 HRs this game
- At most 3 Relief Pitchers total
- At least 7 Relief Pitchers total
- More runs in Even numbered Innings
- More runs in Odd numbered innings
- The Yankees will win.
- The Tigers will win.

Pick any 5 statements as a 'THIS WILL HAPPEN' selection.
+1 for a correct answer.
-1 for a wrong answer. Let there be chaos.