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Angels Dipoto Tabs Larry Corrigan Former Fullerton Titan Coach

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The new Angels General Manager Jerry Dipoto wasted no time in putting together his front office, hiring former Cal State Fullerton Titan baseball coach Larry Corrigan as his special assistant.

Corrigan comes with an impressive resume:

  • Made it to AAA at age 24, bounced around there thru 1978.
  • Iowa State coach for six years, the final four as head coach
  • Cal State Fullerton Titans baseball coach 1985 and 1986
  • Scouted for Oakland and then Minnesota.

His online bio extends the legend that he is the man who discovered Torii Hunter:

Corrigan began his association with Minnesota in 1987 as the West Coast Scouting Supervisor after working as an area scout in Southern California for Oakland. He was then promoted to Director of Scouting from 1992-93, where the club tabbed outfielder Torii Hunter as its first round pick in the 1993 draft. Larry also served the Twins as the club’s Minor League Field Coordinator for five years from 1994-1998.

Check out this hilarious Victor Rojas retweet about Corrigan's most acclaimed old school habit.

Corrigan's calling card at every level has been his oft-restated motto: "There are only four acceptable answers in life. Yes, No, I Don't Know and No Excuse."