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Halolinks: Jonathan Papelbon Anyone?

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The slow news cycle edition:

Are Red Sox even interested in Papelbon? -
Do the Red Sox even want Jonathan Papelbon back?

Rockies Interested In Braves Second Baseman Martin Prado - Talking Chop
Despite a down year, I'm guessing Prado will be a hot commodity on the trade market if the Braves are serious about trading him. Much like Jurrjens, Prado has two years left before free agency and should be in the midst of his prime production years.

Prior to his down year in 2011, Prado was sort of a OBP kind of guy, could the Angels be interested in both Prado and Jurrjens? If so, at what cost? And what to do about Kendrick?

Free agents Angels fans should watch - The Orange County Register
We've chosen 10 of them to follow especially closely this offseason. One is the best player in baseball; one a mere reliever from Japan.

MLB CBA update: Looking good ... -
The good news is that these talks seem far less contentious than those of the NFL and NBA. In fact, it sounds like a deal is close to being hammered out, just weeks after the World Series ended.

It's Also The Moves That Don't Get Made - Lookout Landing
One of the bigger challenges with baseball analysis today is trying to evaluate individual general managers, or, if you prefer, individual front offices. It's hard to pull off because we're given such a limited number of data points.

San Jose OKs land deal for potential A's stadium - San Francisco Chronicle
San Jose is granting the A's a two-year option to buy about 5 acres of land downtown, near HP Pavilion and the Diridon Station.