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Friday Halolinks: Do I Need To Shut Up?

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"Hey Mike, what do you think of WiHaloFan's commentary?"
"Hey Mike, what do you think of WiHaloFan's commentary?"
If you've been following Halolinks for the past couple years, you'll have noticed the format has gone through a couple changes over the years. The latest change is the posting of links without commentary, and something I missed doing. So, screw hit counts, I want to spout off:

Best Rotation Ever? Best. Rotation. Ever. ...This is an interesting article, but it made me wonder, "What about the 2011 Angels rotation?". The 2011 rotation many (including me) thought should have been mentioned in the same breath as the Phillie group before the season opened. Well, if you click the link and go down the list, the 2011 Angels are on page 5 and ranked the 134th best rotation in history (based on WAR). According to this list, the 2011 rotation wasn't even as good as the 2006 (76th), 2005 (81st), 2007 (90th), 1986 (123rd), and 1989 (131st) Angel rotations. Does anyone else find this surprising?

Foot healed, third base could be Trumbo’s next project ...This was discussed in a Fanshot posted by BigGame48, but just in case you missed it, I've added here.

Former L.A. owner O'Malley joins group to run Dodgertown ...My entire family were Dodgers fans, and the one thing that I appreciated about them was their history, including Dodgertown in Vero Beach. I even made a side trip one year to visit it since I had grown up watching game broadcast from there each spring. To me, McCourt is a sleezeball, and his decision to abandon/sell Dodgertown was one of the most sleeziest things he did.

Free Agent News:

Projecting Prince Fielder's career - High Heat Stats
There's Fielder at #12, tied with 3 Hall of Famers in Eddie Murray, George Brett, and Carl Yastrzemski.

Trying to Figure Out Mark Buehrle - FanGraphs Baseball
He’s thrown 200+ innings in every season since 2001 and he’s produced remarkably similar results in each year since coming to the big leagues.

Free Agent Stock Watch: Chris Capuano -
His unsightly ERA may be deceptive, since xFIP (3.67) and SIERA (3.60) suggest he pitched better.

My personal favorite for #4 starter.

Rosenthal: Florida Marlins to meet with free-agent first baseman Albert Pujols - FOX Sports on MSN
The club hosted left-hander Mark Buehrle on Tuesday and shortstop Jose Reyes on Wednesday before visiting Cuban outfielder Yoennis Cespedes in the Dominican Republic on Thursday.

Michael Lewis on the King of Human Error - Vanity Fair
Kahneman and Tversky were psychologists, without a single minor-league plate appearance between them, but they had found that people, including experts, unwittingly use all sorts of irrelevant criteria in decision-making.

This is a LONG article, but well worth the read.

Pete Rose serves players as unofficial advisor - The
"It’s amazing what of lack of confidence some of these players have for all that money they’re making," Rose said.

The Gaslamp Ball Rationale for our vote in the SB Nation Baseball Awards - Gaslamp Ball
Are you f-ing serious with that post? What are you guys, 12 years old? No wonder no one posts here.
by Jack Huber on Nov 11, 2011 6:41 AM CST reply actions

I thought the above post was entertaining, especially with the amount of Dodger hate that it contained, but "Jack Huber" had a different opinion.