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Tuesday Halolinks: Will DiPoto Show Up On Time?

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Angel fans will get their first true look at their team's new General Manager in action this week. Baseball's general managers will be meeting this week to discuss all of the things they typically talk about...Avon Skin So Soft, what the heck is OBP?, which reliever can we over-pay this year?, and will Hank Moody ever get his shit together? Baseball GMs land in Milwaukee - The Hardball Times takes a look at each of the new GM's including Jerry DiPoto.

It looks like the Angels and those other teams in the A.L. West will be getting a new division-mate come 2013. Jim Crane will get $50 million price break to move Astros to AL - HardballTalk.

The deadline for teams to decide is December 12th (also known as Mathis Day in many parts of the southwest), but MLBTradeRumors has this list: Non-Tender Candidates. They take a look at the players who most likely will become free agents later next month. And yes, he's on the list.

Here's what baseball's Hall of Fame would look like if it were run by robots: The Hall of Fame Re-populated by a Mathematical Formula - Beyond the Box Score. Kind of interesting.

This just in, Vernon Wells' contract is bad! Here's proof: Baseball's worst contracts, zombie-style -
However they do ask an important question, "How can someone have an OBP under .250 and still collect over 500 plate appearances?". On a side-note, I recently started watching "The Walking Dead" on Netflix, and while I'm starting to get over all of the zombie shit that's out there, this show is pretty cool. And zombies are still way cooler than frickin' vampires.

And speaking of zombies...

Although he acts like all he did was leave the toilet seat up, Frank McCourt apologizes to Dodgers fans -, "I'm very, very sorry about that. We're going to move forward and handle the situation now in as professional a way as possible and make sure the baton is passed here in a classy way." In a classy way? Why start now?

Trout's homer paces Scorpions' victory -
The 20-year-old has struggled this fall, batting .252 with five RBIs and a .617 OPS in 24 games for Scottsdale. November has been particularly rough on Trout, as he's had just seven hits in 37 at-bats. "My numbers aren't where I'd like them to be, but I'm just trying to get quality at-bats," the New Jersey native said. "My average is low but I have to stay positive, I just have to keep grinding it out."

Whenever I read articles like this: Mark Trumbo’s Uncertain Future - FanGraphs Baseball, I'm always reminded how good we have it here with articles like this from Matt Welch. The FanGraphs post comes up with these comparable guys: Jorge Cantu. Delmon Young. Jeff Francoeur. Rondell White. Raul Mondesi.

I guess it's time to just release the guy...Why did Trumbo finish No. 2 in AL Rookie voting? - Because, "There's no question that Trumbo failed colossally at not creating outs. He was so bad that 40 other players bested Trumbo's OBP... simply by hitting for a higher average."

Remember this guy? Mariners willing to throw in money to rid themselves of Chone Figgins - HardballTalk
Figgins, who turns 34 in January, is still owed $9 million next season and $8 million in 2013.

HELP WANTED: BP Unfiltered: Want to Work in Baseball? - Baseball Prospectus. The Oakland Athletics are currently seeking a Full-Time Programmer, Baseball Systems.