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Wednesday Halolinks: The Coolness That Is Jerry DiPoto. He's A Zephyr!

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It's almost like spring is in the air:


  • Do you feel that? The gentle coolness of that breeze across your face? That my friends is what they call a "breath of fresh air" supplied by Angels' new GM Jerry DiPoto. Within this article in the LA Times: Angels GM widens search for relief pitcher, DiPoto candidly talks about what he is actually doing, not some gibberish as heard in the previous regime. DiPoto correctly states, "You look at the relief market, and you don’t know where it’s going — it could change. To invest that much capital in one spot might not be the right way to go." He also states he's has contacted the agents for "between five and 10" right-handers. Does anyone ever remember Reagins, or Stoneman for that matter, being so open about team business?

    The Angels' GM also had a few words with MLBTradeRumors. It's nice to see DiPoto has time to talk with the "non-traditional" news outlets. Within this post, Dipoto Talks Catcher, Callaspo, Trout, he claims he likes Callaspo, wants Trout to play everyday, and there needs to be a balance of offense and defense behind the plate.
  • If there's a better writer providing local baseball coverage than the OC Register's Sam Miller, I'd be very surprised. Sam looks into Mike Trout's Rookie of the Year status in this post: Mike Trout can’t win the Rookie of the Year award and determines Trout might need a clearer rules interpretation to still be eligible.
  • Sure, Justin Verlander is the unanimous winner of the A.L. Cy Young, Official site of the Baseball Writers' Assn. of America., but what I want to know is, who were the three idiot writers who don't think Jered Weaver was one of the top 3 pitchers last season? Fine, give a hometown second-place vote to your teams' guy, but seriously, some dipshit had Weaver at #5!
  • This is pretty interesting: MLB's new labor deal to eliminate free-agent compensation - NY Post. "There is a strong possibility that Type-B compensation will be eliminated this offseason, according to two executives briefed on negotiations." If this happens, Edwin Jackson, Mark Buerhle, Frank Francisco, Hiroki Kuroda, and the other Type-B free agents just became a little more enticing.
  • Possible trade partner for the Angels: Rockies look for fits in trade for starting pitcher - Denver Post. "The club is willing to trade Huston Street, who has one-year and $8 million remaining on his contract." Might not be a bad pickup.
  • Rangers ready to fight Yankees for C.J. Wilson - Yahoo! Sports. Have at it douchebags. If it's going to take six years to get Wilson, let him sign with someone else. "The Star-Telegram notes that the market for Wilson's services "is projected to be a minimum of five years, and a team that offers six could win the bidding.""
  • Here's an example of a site using a teams name to drive up visits: Sources: Red Sox among clubs interested in Cordero. Not only are the Red Sox interested in Francisco Cordero, but so are about 47 other teams. Okay, maybe not 47, but the Angels are one of them. What's kind of interesting is Cordero's former team, Cincinnati Reds, declined his $12M option. Don't get me wrong, I think $12M is too much too, but isn't that the going rate for front-line closers? What do they know that no one else does?
  • Quick! I need something to write about! How about I make something up: Should Pitching-Rich Phils Trade Hamels? - FOX Sports on MSN. "Philadelphia Phillies lefty Cole Hamels a year from free agency and better than your average lefty. Dont be surprised if he is traded, for the right price. Philadelphia Phillies lefty Cole Hamels a year from free agency and better than your average lefty. Dont be surprised if he is traded, for the right price."
  • We're so sorry, Uncle Albert: Albert Pujols Rumors: Marlins Offer Reportedly 9 Years, $225M Minimum - MLB Daily Dish
  • Padres, Heath Bell may be parting ways - Here's what Bell had to say, "But I think there’s going to be a three-year deal out there from someone. And that’s what I’d like to have. I’d rather stay on the West Coast. But I still have a home in Florida."
  • Report: Marlins make $90 million offer to Reyes - "While an early signing of Reyes by Miami will force the Marlins to give up a pretty penny, it would certainly change the complexion of the team and give the club an offensive dynamo that could be the missing piece for the offense. But would incumbent shortstop Hanley Ramirez move? The Miami Herald's Clark Spencer writes that Ramirez is not pleased about the possibility of changing positions -- and that Reyes and Ramirez aren't as friendly as reports make out. That could potentially open the door for a Ramirez trade if Reyes is signed." Can Hanley play third base?
  • Turn the page, Mike. Turn the page. Angels’ Scioscia: Trumbo was top AL rookie - The Orange County Register. "We know Trumbo should have been Rookie of the Year," Scioscia said Monday
  • And finally...this reminds me of your drunken, 50 year-old ex-wife showing up at your wedding and slapping your 23 year-old bride, and then pissing on your wedding cake. Frank McCourt and Major League Baseball owners meetings. McCourt is expected to represent the Dodgers at the meetings Wednesday and Thursday even though he had been asked unofficially to let General Manager Ned Colletti or another club official represent the Dodgers.