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Thursday Halolinks: More Texas Astros? I Think You Spelled That Wrong

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A huge "YEE-HAAA!" edition of Halolinkage:


  • Dammit, not another group of Texas idiots! Starting in 2013, the Houston Astros will join the Angels, Mariners, A's, and Rangers in the A.L. West division. The move will create two 15-team leagues and will result in inter-league games throughout the year. In this post, Angels among clubs not thrilled with moving the Astros to AL West -, Angel's President John Carpino says their concern is with having a division rival 2 time zones away and the effect of having the pitchers hit "sprinkled throughout the schedule". "It's not that we're opposed to it — we don't have all the particulars to cast judgment," Carpino said. "But if it's good for Angels fans and baseball, we're for it." I don't get why MLB didn't just return the Brewers back to the A.L. Put Milwaukee in the Central and move the Royals to the West. Oh well. Here's what the SBN Astros blog has to say about the sale and move: The Day Of Astros Judgment Has Come - The Crawfish Boxes
  • I think one of the funnest things to do if I had become a major league player, that is before I became a huge douchebag with long sideburns and a huge ego, would be to reach out to the community by visiting schools, hospitals, and women's prisons. Here's something that Angel rookie Mark Trumbo did: Mark Trumbo goes yard for his 3rd grade teacher - The Orange County Register.

There's also this YouTube video of her bobblehead give-away from the Lowell Spinners. Yeah, bobblehead and spinners...sorry, that's just too easy.