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Friday Halolinks: Bud Selig Says "The More, The Merrier"

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The 33% Solution Halolinks:

  • Yesterday we talked about the Astros changing leagues, but the owners also approved the addition of another wild-card team in each league: Selig: More Wild Cards Coming, With One-Game Playoffs - Baseball Nation. "Commissioner Bud Selig said owners also approved two additional wild-card teams for the postseason, meaning 10 of the 30 teams make the playoffs. Selig said the specifics are being worked out. The players' association favors the move. Although I'm mostly a baseball puritan, I like this idea. I didn't like that the wild-card team entered the playoffs usually on a even level as the division winners. My thinking was the division winners should have an advantage over theoretically the 4th best team in the league (I know, the wild-card team can actually have the second best record), but with the addition of a one-game playoff, the wild-card team enters the LDS at a slight disadvantage. And of course, FanGraphs has the new calculations: The New Playoff Probabilities in 2013. "Each team had a 25% chance at an automatic berth and then a 75% (since they can’t win both) chance at a wild card shot, which carried a 9% (1/11) probability. 0.25*1 + 0.75*1/11 = 31.8%." So you're telling me there's a chance?
  • Matt Snyder from CBS is complaining about people complaining: Stop complaining about changes in baseball - "It never ceases to amaze me how utterly furious the masses get whenever baseball dares to makes a change." It never ceases to amaze me that writers are amazed by what the masses do or how they feel. And feel compelled to tell us how the masses are wrong.
  • I missed this the other day, and I'm a bit surprised it's not a national holiday or something: Hot Stove season turns 125 years old today - "After days of intense negotiation via overly formal telegram, the Cincinnati Red Stockings of the American Association agree to send catcher "Honest" Jack Boyle and $350 in cash to the St. Louis Browns in exchange for outfielder Hugh Nicol." If this isn't a reason for a paid day-off then I don't know what is.