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Angels Forbid Maicer Izturis to Swim with Sharks

According to a tweet from the always reliable Latin American baseball observer Miguel Montilla, the Angels and the Venezuelan league's Tiburones de La Guaria team have come to an agreement to withhold infielder Maicer Izturis from playing in the Venezuelan Winter League. The mutual agreement is in consideration of a lingering ankle injury that the 31-year-old native of Venezuela played with during the regular season:

TWEET ONE: Maicer Izturis no jugara esta campaña con #Tiburones, #LAAngels anunciaron prohibieron la participacion despues de conversar con #Tiburones.

Translation: Maicer Izturis will not play this season with the Sharks. The LA Angels forbade his participation after talks with the Sharks.

Despite the domineering tone of this tweet, the management back in Anahiem seems a little more conciliatory in Montilla's follow-up tweet...

TWEET TWO: Ambas organizaciones prefieren que Maicer Izturis se recupere por completo de las molestias en su tobillo despues de campaña en #MLB.

Translation: Both organizations prefer Maicer Izturis fully recover from the pain in his ankle after this MLB season.

If you are a GoogleEarth fan, paste in "Estadio Cesar Nieves, Catia La Mar, Venezuela" and zoom in to gaze at the wonderfully manicured grounds that bring fear of recurring ankle injuries to the front offices of teams in the American Summer League aka MLB. Although, baseball seven blocks from the Caracas North Shore beach can't be all bad.

Angels position players report to Tempe in 91 days.