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Trevor Reckling Storms Off Twitter Mound

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Angels pitching prospect Trevor Reckling was rumored to have had a hard time handling adversity at the higher minor league levels. He was demoted for poor performance after failing the challenge of meeting the rapid rise of a bullish promotion; whispers were, however, that it was a demotion tinged with character development issues after he had reportedly stormed off the pitching mound and threw other minor hissyfits unbecoming of a minor leaguer.

When the Angels added four minor league veterans to the 40-Man Roster by the Friday Forty Finalizing Deadline, Reckling was not on the list. And so he took to his @Treckling30 Twitter account...

TWEET ONE: i just wanna say to all my twitter family and fans thank you so much

TWEET TWO: im gonna take this offseason to and gotta go back to work to get where i wanna get thanks i will be
There is no link, though, to these tweets because Reckling then deleted his @Treckling30 Twitter account! Was this mirroring the same intemperate behavior that added to his Reagins-era legacy of letting adversity destroy any poise he may have had far more thoroughly than opposing batters? Or is this the first step of him focusing on his pitching instead of gabbing with hoochies and performance-blinded fanboys on the dreaded Twitter?

Reckling has fans who retweeted the thoughts of the tweeting pitcher in his darkest hour. Judge for yourself the quality of a minor league arm's faithful twitter followers...


In the words of Charlie Brown... Sigh...