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Tuesday Halolinks: Verlander is MVP, C.J. Wilson Gets Another Free Meal

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Pitcher MVP link edition:

  • I don't know about you, but I view the post-season awards with a shoulder shrug and a slightly audible "meh". Unless an Angel player is in serious contention, it doesn't really matter to me who wins. What I do find interesting though is, all the controversy the balloting stirs up! Some of these writers act like those moms on one of those freaky little girl beauty pageant shows. For instance Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News gave his #1 vote to Michael Young, a player who wasn't even the MVP of his own team. Here's a good post by Jeff Sullivan: Justin Verlander, Michael Young, And The 2011 AL MVP's Worst Ballot - Baseball Nation. Sullivan points this out, "Jered Weaver didn't get a single vote, despite the fact that he allowed fewer runs per nine innings than Verlander, over a similar number of innings." You know who else didn't get a vote? Mike Napoli. Hey Evan Grant, WTF? He's on the Rangers, why didn't you toss him a vote too? By the way, there's a vote tally within this post: Justin Verlander Named 2011 AL MVP - Baseball Nation.
  • And now for the flip-side: Choosing the AL Least Valuable Player - One former and one current Angel are on this list.
  • Speaking of Angels on a list, this post:The Neglected: The Best Non-MVP AL Players - FanGraphs Baseball mentions 5 players, 4 of which are or at one time players from our favorite team.


  • Remember when Mark Whicker was our whipping boy? Can you imagine getting stuck on an elevator with him and Lyle Spencer? In this Whicker post, Busy work - The Orange County Register, he does mention something interesting (!), "Officially they wanted him to sharpen his left-field play. "They wanted me to improve little things, and the way I was charging the ball," Trout said." Wait a minute...don't the Angels already have a guy playing left? A former Gold Glove winner? Very interesting...but stupid.
  • Lyle Spencer pipes in about the Angels dinner plans with free agent C.J. Wilson; The Angels met with free-agent left-hander C.J. Wilson on Monday night in Los Angeles. - and forgets that the Angels have made a couple changes to their front-office. Spencer quotes the Halo manager regarding free agent signings, "Scioscia said he wasn't in a position to calculate the level of the Angels' interest or how high they could afford to go." Hey, Lyle, a little FYI...DiPoto is the guy you might want to talk to. Jerry. DiPoto. General Manager.
  • Tragic story still doesn't make sense: Loud music may have led to Greg Halman's stabbing - FOX Sports on MSN
    "Police spokeswoman Patricia Wessels tells The Associated Press that loud music ''appears to be the reason the victim walked downstairs,'' but police are still trying to piece together what happened after that."
  • Mike DiGiovanna mentions a few pitchers the Angels are rumored to be interested in within this posting: Angels manager, GM to dine with C.J. Wilson Monday night - He speculates, "The Angels are also believed to be interested in free-agent starters Mark Buehrle, Roy Oswalt and Hiroki Kuroda. Among the free-agent relievers they are believed to be interested in are Francisco Cordero, Ryan Madson, Heath Bell, Scott Linebrink, Octavio Dotel and Matt Capps."

  • I wasn't aware he was that old...Texas Rangers Sign Joe Nathan - MLB Daily Dish, "Nathan, who turns 37 tomorrow, is guaranteed $15 million for the next two years." A lot of money for a 37 year-old pitcher who missed the entire 2010 season after having Tommy John surgery, and posted his worst season in 2011. Possibly since this signing will move Neftali Feliz into the Ranger rotation, the guy who wrote this linked article seems to think this is "a fantastic signing". I'm not seeing it.
  • I've read in a couple places that there are some who can't understand why the players agreed to allow HGH testing. This article makes a good point: Phil Rogers: Players seem to favor testing for use of human growth hormone -, "Players want the game to be clean. They want to be respected for their skills, not dismissed with suspicions, when they succeed on the field."
  • And finally, the real reason behind Lenny Dykstra's decent into weirdo-ness...The Fall of Lenny Dykstra - Maxim

    Over his four years as an outfielder/pitcher for Garden Grove High, Dykstra emerged as Orange County’s best prep ballplayer. He batted .550 and entered the June 1981 amateur draft absolutely certain his hometown Angels would select him in the first round. Instead, they took shortstop Dick Schofield. The first round passed. The second round passed. Finally, with the 315th pick in the 13th round, the lowly New York Mets took a shot. Dykstra was livid. "‘Fuck the Angels," says Brian. "That was his attitude from that day forward." The pain never left.