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On This Date In Halos Heaven History...

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When you are Halos Heaven, you are the longest-running Angels blog (which we are); therefore a slow news day can be solved by a walk thru the archives...

SIX YEARS AGO: November 27, 2005... Word was Byrd becoming a Bird - Paul Byrd was about to sign a two year deal... Bill Stoneman pushed with an ultimatum and lost out when he then signed Hector Carrasco. Barf. What makes our post great is Matt Welch constructs a list of Angels #5 starters for 1985 - 2005 to show that Ervin Santana's 2005 season was the best from an Angels #5 arm in that time, maybe ever. CHECK IT OUT AT THIS LINK.

TWO YEARS AGO: November 27, 2009... The Angels unexpected dismissal of their television announcers Steve Physioc and Rex Hudler earlier in the week was still reverberating and we ran down the news reports... oh wait, the loss of Hud was lamented far and wide, nobody gave two shits about Physioc in the wider media. Maybe because he was a ninny. CHECK OUT OUR COVERAGE AT THIS LINK.