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LunchTime HaloTalk TUESDAY @Noon!

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You can drink champagne or you can drink kool-aid.
You can drink champagne or you can drink kool-aid.

I pressed the wrong button and due to that technical error there will not be a LunchTime HaloTalk show today.

This offseason has produced a gutting of the front office and Luis Jimenez being moved to the forty-man roster ...but that is no reason NOT to have LunchTime HaloTalk fill your internet airwaves with impassioned discussions about the Angels. IS it true that Prince Fielder will not sign with the Angels because his dad Cecil used to play in Anaheim and he hates all things associated with Cecil? No... it is not true, but that is how desperate people are to talk about something when they talk about the Angels because there is nothing to talk about.

But Rev Halofan and Blast21Dave will be talking... and you can call in and talk too! TUNE IN RIGHT HERE AT THIS LINK at Noon on Tuesday, November 29 December 6 for 90 minutes of LunchTime HaloTalk!

If there is a topic that you would like us to talk about and do not want to call in or will be listening to the archived version of the show, please post a comment in this post's thread and it will be reviewed for sanity and relevancy.