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Luis Jimenez Makes Angels 40-Man Roster

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Jeff Gross

The Angels 40-Man roster now stands at 39 after the team added '11 Arkansas Trav 3B Luis Jimenez to the major league waiting room.

At season's end the roster was actually at 42 with two players (Francisco "Wolverine" Rodriguez and Kendrys Morales were on the 60-Day DL). Four players have elected to pursue free agency: Russell Branyan, Joel Piñeiro, Horacio Ramirez and Fernando Rodney. Don't let the door hit any of ya on the way out...

So the reinstatement of the two long-injured players brought the roster to 38 and now LUCHO is on the 40 man. Our minor league analyst RYAN GHAN ranked Lucho the #18 prospect in the organization prior to the 2011 season and ranked Lucho's 2011 campaign as the 9th best performance by an Angels minor leaguer this year. Now it appears that new Angels GM Jerry Dipoto agrees with Ghan's ongoing ability to spot talent in his first player transaction as General Manager.

With Alberto Callaspo looking at free agency after next season, look for Lucho to be fastracked to Anaheim. He turns 24 on January 18 - just 11 days older than Hank Conger!