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Wednesday Halolinks: Reagins Knew Naps Might End Up In Texas

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Reagins had a good idea Napoli was going to be bangin' the Texas broads soon after he was dealt to Toronto.
Reagins had a good idea Napoli was going to be bangin' the Texas broads soon after he was dealt to Toronto.

I'm a pissed off fan linkage:

Peter Gammons: Top to bottom, Rangers a model franchise -
About a year after former general manager Tony Reagins confided that he had a pretty good idea that when he traded Mike Napoli to Toronto that the Blue Jays would likely flip him to Texas, he and about 10 other Angels employees lost their jobs because they couldn't see that the Texas Rangers have become an equal power to the Sunday Night Baseball soap regulars of Yankee Stadium and Fenway Park.

Angels Inbox: -
The difference in ERA when Mike Napoli or Jeff Mathis is catching is well documented. However, do you know the difference in Angels wins vs. losses during those same games? I think those stats are needed to better evaluate the difference between the players. -- Rick R., Santa Ana, Calif.

Hit, pitch and field at Angel Stadium - The Orange County Register
For those baseball fans who’ve always wanted to get an at-bat, hurl a fastball or field a grounder at Angel Stadium, here’s your chance.

Angel Stadium holds largest history lesson -
There was no baseball game being played at Angel Stadium on Tuesday morning, but that didn't stop over 25,000 people from converging upon it.

Buehrle popular on free agent market -
Starting pitcher Mark Buehrle has pitched 12 seasons for the White Sox, but he may be heading to a new address in free agency this offseason. And there's no shortage of suitors.

Rangers must make splash in free agency -  FOX Sports on MSN
Prince Fielder.

Big splash...HA!

Tweet o' the Day:

Dallas McPherson has re-signed with the Chicago White Sox. McPherson slammed 20 HRs to go along with a .283 AVG in Triple-A Charlotte. 14 hours ago via web

Money Wins: Is There Enough Parity In Baseball? - FanGraphs Baseball
In general, I agreed with his assertion: Parity in the MLB exists naturally far more than any other sports league.

Royals notebook - Cain says he’s ready for his chance -
Moore sent the rumor mill spinning by telling 610 AM the Royals "would have to be interested" in Cubs right-hander Carlos Zambrano under the right circumstances. That report was quickly picked up in Chicago.