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Tuesday Halolinks: Is Pujols A $250 Million Diva? Who Cares!

Seems like St. Louis is having a little problem with their breakup with Pujols: Bernie: Poor Albert had no choice - But I am sort of worried about some of the stuff I'm reading, the stuff about Pujols being "difficult", "After having been with Pujols for 11 years, surely DeWitt and GM John Mozeliak were fully aware of Pujols' insecure personality and his constant need to be caressed and reassured. Pujols was won over when Moreno called him to turn on the charm in a 30-minute phone call. Is that all it took? An owner telling you what you wanted to hear, even though you had never met the man? That means more than what has been a mutually beneficial 11-year relationship with St. Louis?" What's the male word for a "diva"?

And this is getting old too, Pujols' wife defends husband on St. Louis radio - "So while Mrs. Pujols can say this move wasn't about the money, it's pretty evident it was very much about the money (Pujols signed for 10 years, $254 million and none of that is deferred). Not that I'm blaming them one bit, as $44 million is quite a chunk of change to think about turning down." So what? What if the only reason Pujols came to Anaheim was because of the money? Isn't that why they play the game? If it were only about winning, or having the opportunity to play baseball, we'd never hear about money. And with the rare exception of someone like Jered Weaver, money is the main motivating factor for players.

It's pretty interesting how much the Teixeira negotiations impacted the way Moreno now does business: Arte Moreno continues to bet on Southland baseball - ESPN Los Angeles. "One moment in his career as a baseball owner continues to tug at Moreno. You can tell because he brings it up, unprompted, virtually every time he speaks to reporters. It was the breakdown in negotiations between him and agent Scott Boras over Mark Teixeira in the winter of 2008." This might explain all those, "here's our offer, you have 10 minutes to decide" rumors.

Within this post about the Angels tendering Kendrys Morales (around $3M): Angels tender contract to Kendrys Morales -, was this interesting tidbit, "The Angels also announced that since agreeing to terms with Pujols and pitcher C.J. Wilson on Thursday, the team store has sold more than 2,000 units of Pujols and Wilson merchandise, passing the total revenues for the entire month of December, 2010." So you're telling me Pujols jerseys outsold Vernon Wells jerseys?

Welcome back, Hokie Joe! Joe Saunders Non-Tendered By The Arizona Diamondbacks - MLB Daily Dish. "There was a rumor that Saunders was offered a two-year deal by the Diamondbacks. Then there was a rumor that the Diamondbacks were looking to trade the 30-year-old lefty. I guess Saunders didn't draw much trade interest. Now, Saunders is out of a job." Out of a job? Not for long.

I've written it before (and will probably do it again many more times), I wonder if the Angels had been in on this guy before he was traded to Pittsburgh? Milwaukee Brewers Ship Casey McGehee - MLB Daily Dish. ""The Brewers traded McGehee to the Pittsburgh Pirates for RHP Jose Veras. McGehee hit .223/.280/.346 with 13 HR's in 600 plate appearances for the Brewers in 2011." Great player? Hardly. But useful none-the-less.

All you"No Aramis" fans can start breathing again: Brewers land Aramis Ramirez with three-year deal - "Jon Heyman has learned the contract will be worth about $36 million."

How Much Is $250 Million? - The Orange County Register. "Should he decide to share his wealth, Pujols could forfeit his 2012 salary by giving every fan who attends the Angels' home opener $555." Jeff Miller. Why do I keep linking to this guy?

Derek Jeter sends off his one night stands with a signed memorabilia - ""Derek has girls stay with him at his apartment in New York, and then he gets them a car to take them home the next day. Waiting in his car is a gift basket containing signed Jeter memorabilia, usually a signed baseball," the friend dished." Don't you just hate it when they take your balls when they leave?