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Wednesday Halolinks: Getting Defensive About Albert Pujols

Pretty much everyone knows what Albert Pujols brings to the Angels offensively, but this post: Albert Pujols' effect on the Angels' defense - ESPN Los Angeles, looks at the Gold Glove first baseman's effect on the team while on defense. There are quite a few good nuggets of information in this article, but this one really caught my eye, "Trumbo fared pretty well in his first season as the Angels' everyday first baseman, tying for the major league lead in Defensive Runs Saved." I wasn't aware of how good of a first baseman Trumbo was, or at least how good he was last season. The post also mentions how Trumbo's defensive strengths at first could translate into success at third base.

Not too sure where Randy Youngman is getting his information, but the player doesn't decide which cap he wears on his HOF plague: Angels owner felt compelled to pursue Pujols - The Orange County Register, "And whether Moreno thought about it or not, the 10-year personal-services contract he included likely enhances the chances of Pujols going into the Hall of Fame wearing an Angels cap, assuming he keeps producing Cooperstown-worthy numbers on the field the next few years." Other than that goof, an interesting post from the OC Register's columnist.

What's the difference between "dumb luck" and plain ol' "luck"? Big contracts for older baseball players don't always pay off -, "Actually, Moreno has had plenty of dumb luck when it comes to mega-deals. He offered Alfonso Soriano seven years and $120 million before the outfielder signed an eight-year, $136-million deal with the Chicago Cubs before 2007." First, I think people make their own luck, and in an attempt to answer my own question, I think the difference between the two types of "luck" is much like the two casino games Roulette and Blackjack. You need luck to win at either game, but with Blackjack, you can improve your "luck" by playing the game with some intelligence. Basically, you can make your own luck by playing the game right . This is what I think Moreno did, at least with the Soriano deal, when they made their own luck by not going further in years to limit their exposure.

Can someone send Lou Brock Vernon Wells' phone number or address? ACKERMAN: What Brock Will Tell Pujols - CBS St. Louis. ""The first thing I would say is: ‘Relax,’" Brock said. "Take a break from all of this. And most of all, do not let your good deeds here in St. Louis be spoken of as evil because you went to Anaheim.""

It looks like the "offer with a deadline" wasn't a Tony Reagins' gimmick: Twitter / @JonHeymanCBS,
there r 254M reasons pujols made quick call to go w/ #LAAngels. another reason he decided fast, i hear: LAA set deadlin

I'm taking a "wait and see" attitude with Braun, but Hayhurst provides some insider details in the thinkings of a ballplayer: Ryan Braun, And Why It Wont Matter In a Year - Dirk Hayhurst. "Steroid use is a financial decision nearly every time. It’s a player saying, "I want to be the best so I can capitalize on being the best—now. If I don’t get caught, then I’ll worry about my longterm status. In the meantime, there is money to be made." Besides, lots of players don’t make it into the HOF— lots of rich players. Keep the plaque, I’ll take the Island."

Useful list of non-tendered players: MLB Teams Non-Tender 29 Players -

When does statistical analysis go too far? I'm not picking on this article: Scott Boras’s Tall Tale - FanGraphs Baseball, but eventually (and hopefully soon) there's not going to be anything to analysis anymore. In this post, the author looks at the correlation between weight / height and OBP, "It is now clear, that Mr. Boras is not only incorrect in asserting that shorter players have an obp% advantage due to their height, but even after controlling for weight, the exact opposite relationship exists." How about shoe size? Does that have an effect on stolen bases?