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Mike Scioscia Dodgers Bobblehead Night

Bobbles Away!
Bobbles Away!

Wow oh wow are the Dodgers being classy, desperate for attendance or both?

The Juen 12 Dodger Home Game interleague contest between the Angels and Dodgers will feature a giveaway of a Mike Scioscia bobblehead. Scioscia was a member of the Dodgers as a player, catching Fernando Valenzuela and Orel Hershiser and bleeding Dodger Blue and winning two rings (1981 and 1988) and all that. He is as much a part of Dodger lore as Bengie Molina or Bob Boone are integral to the Angels story.

Scioscia's managerial career started in the Dodgers organization but, oops, they canned him after the 1999 season and the rest, as they say, is history! A funny picture of the Soth in his glory days is at Big League Stew and we will see you at Elysian Park's Chavez Latrine in mid-June for the ultimate bittersweet collectible. Share a little poetry with your buddies who root for the Brooklyn Blue:

The saddest words
of tongue or pen
are not tragedy, but
"What might have been..."