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Chris Paul on Clippers Good for the Angels? Halolinks!

Dynasties undone? Clippers, Angels are now the 'it' teams in L.A. -
The Angels signed superstar Albert Pujols last week for a record-breaking $250 million. And now the Clippers have just signed dynamic point guard Chris Paul. Repeat: The Los Angeles Clippers.

How often do I get a chance to link to the Christian Science Monitor?

La Russa says Pujols is 'disappointed there wasn't more enthusiasm from the Cardinals
Tony La Russa believes the divorce of the defending World Series champions from their three-time National League MVP last week was "unavoidable."

La Russa is such a lawyer.

Let California Angel Fans Babysit Albert Pujols Now - Ladue-Frontenac, MO Patch
I hope the overpriced star finds happiness at the beach.

In case you think just anyone can write an intelligent baseball article, Bozo Baer's "Baer Facts" column will convince you otherwise.

Pujols is in Anaheim, but Trumbo's an Angel

Weird article fawning over Trumbo like a protective younger sister.

Mike Trout visits Millville Angels during fundraiser |

Mike Trout hanging with the kids, being a good guy, mentioning that he got a 3.4 GPA in high school (double my college 1.7, fwiw).

Jarrod Washburn is Now Property of Seattle ...6 years ago today at Halos Heaven everyone shrugged that we were letting a great Angel go.

Stoneman: No Zito ...5 years ago today at Halos Heaven everyone panicked that we weren't doing anything.

The Dan Haren Trade: Glass Half Empty for the Angels ...4 years ago today at Halos Heaven I panicked that the A's had netted a major haul with their trade of Dan Haren. Most everyone told me to chill.