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Wednesday Halolinks: Angels Still Searching For Relief, and Oswalt?

Decreasing fastball velocity? CHECK.
Over-priced reliever?  CHECK.
Decreasing fastball velocity? CHECK. Over-priced reliever? CHECK.
Today's quick and dirty edition of Halolinks:

Four teams wooing Francisco Cordero - Yahoo! Sports. "Three of those teams, the site notes, are the Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Angels, and Cincinnati Reds." Once again, or should I say, as with every deal...if the price is right.

How Much Is One Year Of Roy Oswalt Worth? - Baseball Nation. "Interest in Roy Oswalt has picked up now that he has told clubs he only wants a 1-year deal."

What's next for Jerry Dipoto, Angels? - ESPN Los Angeles. What's next? See above.

Rany Jazayerli on how major league teams overvalue prospects - Grantland. "Once a upon a time, teams got great value by trading for minor league studs. Not anymore." Sort of interesting.

Writer Bill Conlin accused of child molestation - "Long-time Philadelphia sportswriter and Hall of Famer Bill Conlin has been accused of molesting four children between the ages of 7 and 12. The alleged assaults came back in the 1970s." WTF? Seriously. WTF??

Mike Napoli, Texas Rangers Talking Contract Extension - MLB Daily Dish. "The Rangers front office is making a conscious effort to lock up their core players; and, thanks to an amazing 2011 campaign, Napoli has joined that group for the Rangers." Sorry, I'm still missing Napoli and will continue to stalk any news of the big stud.

The Royals have signed utility infielder Yuniesky Betancourt to a one-year contract. - "The Kansas City Star reported that the contract was for $2 million with incentives that could raise Betancourt's salary to $2.5 million if he takes on a full-time role." This is why I had wished the Royals would be joining the AL West instead of the Astros.

Irate Green Bay Packers fan charged with choking daughter - Appleton Post Crescent. "Police say a drunken woman twice choked her 11-year-old daughter on Sunday after becoming angered by the Green Bay Packers game." They take their Packer football pretty serious here in Wisconsin. That and beer drinking.

Couldn't pass up linking to this post just because the headline is so AWESOME:

This Is What You'll Look Like If You Refuse To Let Go Of A Police Officer's Groin - "Add Frank Slowik's face to the list of tonight's remarkable shoplifting-involved mugshots. The Chicago Sun-Times says that Johnny Law "found about $1,000 worth of stolen seafood and meat" in Frankie's car, but it's the run-up to the meat discovery that's important."