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Angels Season Seat Sales Soar •Halolinks!

Q&A with Larry Merchant: "If I was 50 years younger ..."

The HBO Boxing guy started his career as a baseball reporter. Some great little anecdotes.

Demand for Angels tickets up since Pujols, Wilson signings -

3,300 new season seats and 4,500 mini-plan packages (usually 2 and often 4 seats for 20-40 games) have moved in the 15 days since the "Day of the Panther".

Is Albert Pujols worth $250m?

Brit wit Eric Augenbraun does the math on overpaying baseball players versus expected WAR. When they are talking about the Angels in England and not in punk song lyrics it is a good thing.

Corpas jilts Rangers

Last year the Rangers signed and rehabbed a Tommy-Johnning Manny Corpas. He never pitched for them but got all the rehab and per diems and a salary a gimp could want. Fully healed and a free agent, he ditches them for the Cubs. Cue Nelson: HA-HA!

Rangers Won Darvish Bidding Easily

Texas bid an unnecessary $30 million more than they needed to thanks to constant internet rumormongering about the Blue Jays going bold. Nelson Redux Goes HERE.

Prospects in the Gio Gonzalez Trade - Minor League Ball

While Texas is on a tightrope Oakland got better. John Sickels looks at the prospects in the Gio Gonzalez Trade: A.J. Cole, Tom Milone, Derek Norris, and Brad Peacock.