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Jered Weaver Signs Extension •Angels 2011 Top Eleven #4

5 Years, $85 million.
5 Years, $85 million.
The clock was ticking. The window to win with Weaver seemed to be closing after missing the playoffs in 2010 and treading water in 2011 late in the Summer. Scott Boras was going to get his payday and each phenomenal start by Jered Weaver in an Angels uniform raised his price a few dollars more removed from staying in Anaheim. He was slated to be a free agent after the 2012 season.

But then a funny thing happened. He blinked. Willingly. Sure, $85 Million is an astronomical sum and the team will be paying through the nose, but then again, it is because it is an astronomical sum that Jered Weaver ordered an end be put to asking for more, getting the paperwork ready and signing on the dotted line. by leaving some cash on the table, Weaver set up ownership to go get a few more parts (Albert Pujols, C.J. Wilson) in order to win while he is here. And they did.

And so now, for 2012 and beyond, We Will Win With What We Got... because Weaver Wants the Angels to Win as much or more than you and I. And you cannot say that about almost any player who make their agent money and leave none to be given to equally accomplished superstar teammates.