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Wednesday Halolinks: Can Angel Fans Embrace A Red Sox?

Mid-week shenanigans:

  • He could be the embodiment of everything that is Red Sox hatred, but he's also a pretty good baseball player. Time to trade Kevin Youkilis? - Full Count. Sure, he's old (33), ugly, and has a funny batting stance, but Youk would slot very neatly into the #3 hole in the batting order ahead of Pujols, and give the Angels an offensive boast at third base. The big question would be; Could Angel fans get behind one of the two reasons (Papelbon hatred) the Red Sox have been so roundly despised if he were to exchange his Boston red socks for those of Anaheim?
  • Here's a pretty good rundown of the remaining available free agents: MLB teams haven’t finished shopping yet - The Boston Globe. There are still some interesting names on this list, and a couple who could still end up with the Halo club. Within this post was this little tidbit on the Angels DH, "From the Bill Chuck files: "The decline of Bobby Abreu continued last season, as his batting average over the last four years has gone from .296 to .293 to .255 to .253; 2011 was also his first full season with fewer than 10 homers (he had 8).’’ Ouch.


Let's fuck with our kids so we can get on TV: