Comrade Lyle = Modern Day Baghdad Bob


Comrade Lyle just can't get enough today: Last word -- promise. Wouldn't it be hilarious if Jays shipped Mathis to Texas to back up best bud Nap?#angels #rangers ----- Don't worry kids, in the grand tradition of Baghdad Bob Comrade Lyle continues in his quest to defy all logic and defend Mathis. ----- @TonyCapitelli Not anti-stat at all. Just believe there's a lot more to the game than numbers based on about 4000 games covered. @TonyCapitelli How do WAR/RAR explain Mathis' .576 winning percentage vs. Replacements' .554? Basic math to me @AnthonySmith_Winning trumps stats every time. And Mathis won more frequently than any catcher Angels have had.

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